SEBoK v. 2.1 Released

The Governing and Editorial Boards are pleased to announce that version 2.1 of the SEBoK was released 31 October 2019.

There are a number of updates to version 2.1:

  • Addition of bylines to those articles for which we can track their origins. As of this release, we are recognizing the contribution of lead authors and additional contributing authors. It is our hope that these contributions will be beneficial to the authors in their professional lives – being able to prove their contributions to this important knowledge base.
  • Glossary bubbles have been updated. They are more readable now and the occasional errors users encountered should all be corrected.
  • New articles on:
    • Digital Engineering
    • Mission Engineering
    • Set Based Design
    • MBSE Adoption Trends 2009-2018
  • Updated content on Resilience, Human Systems Integration, and Capability Engineering.
  • Substantial update of the content to Part 1 (SEBoK Introduction).
  • We have begun incorporating video.

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