SEBoK 1.9 Release

We are happy to announce the release of SEBoK v.1.9 on 30 November 2017.

The new version of the SEBoK can be found on the website.

SEBoK v1.9 contains detailed changes to article content organisation in Part 6 Related Disciplines and Part 7:Systems Engineering Implementation Examples.

Part 6 the SEBoK considers the relationships between SE and other disciplines. One challenge of part 6 is to align the knowledge discussed with the body of knowledge of the related disciplines, while still making it appropriate for systems engineers. To help do this the part 6 editors have created a standard article template which provides a structure within which to discuss discipline specific standards, practices and tools. In SEBoK v1.9 we have continued to populate these sections in collaboration with representatives from the related areas with an update of the System Resilience (formerly “Resilience Engineering”) article.

Part 7 has been restructured, removing the old framework for examples (“vignettes” and “case studies”, which reflected how the examples were developed). The example have been organized based on the organizational context: examples from commercial organizations, government organization, or examples in which development was a partnership between the two. These changes provide a better baseline to continue to evolve the content and role of these examples across the SEBoK.

In addition, a new example has been added around the use of model based systems engineering for the thirty-meter telescope.

See Acknowledgements and Release History for a more detailed list of all changes made for v1.9.

For a in-depth look at the specific edits throughout the SEBoK, please visit the Acknowledgements and Release History page.