SEBoK v.1.7 Release Notice

We are happy to announce the release of SEBoK v.1.7 on 27 October 2016.

The new version of the SEBoK can be found on the website.

SEBoK 1.7 features a new Healthcare SE Knowledge Area (KA) in Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering, introducing four new articles on healthcare: Overview of the Healthcare Sector,Systems Engineering in Healthcare Delivery,Systems Biology,Lean in Healthcare.

The focus on MBSE has also been expanded with two new articles, an MBSE case study added to Part 7 and an article describing the use of SysML for modelling Systems Engineering Core Concepts.

Part 7 has been expanded further with an additional case study on the Northwest Hydro System.

The article on Technical Leadership in Part 5 has been updated with new material, and Part 6 has also seen major updates of the Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability article as well as the Resilience Engineering article.

Finally, work has been done on describing the organization of knowledge within the SEBoK with the aim of providing readers with better guidance through the SEBoK structure. The Structure of the SEBoK has been update to provide a better overview of the SEBoK and a simplified version of the central model created for the SEBoK strucuture has been added to the SEBoK main page and to the introductions of each individual part of the SEBoK.

For a in-depth look at the specific edits throughout the SEBoK, please visit the Acknowledgements and Release History page.