SEBoK (Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge)

How does SEBoK benefit our company?

While BKCASE authors and core members are unfamiliar with a company’s specific goals and workforce needs; the contributors hope SEBoK will serve as a good reference for practitioners in any company. For example, you may tell a beginning engineer to reference X topic in the SEBoK for more information; or, you may ask a senior engineer to look up references provided for a specific topic so they will explore different approaches for the topic of interest.

How do I review the SEBoK?

Review periods were offered during 2009-2012. These reviews are not available under the current BKCASE governance structure. Please visit the SEBoK to find the results of these reviews and how the comments were adjudicated in the SEBoK.

Can I edit SEBoK content in the wiki?

No, the wiki is non-traditional in the sense that you must have permissions to edit materials. During 2009-2012 review periods were offered to the public to encourage the community to provide their input for improvements. Currently, only the Editorial Board can contribute and edit SEBoK and GRCSE during editorial periods. The Editorial and Governing Boards are working to change the legacy of the SEBoK, by offering the SE community a “Sandbox”, a wiki that is a closer replica of the “Wikipedia” model that offers the public an opportunity to contribute changes and new additions alongside the “Baseline” SEBoK. The “Sandbox” will require a login and all public contributions would be considered by the Editorial Board for inclusion in the next release of the “Baseline” SEBoK. If you are a SME who is interested in authoring or contributing materials to either product, please inquire by contacting¬†for more information.

Some Body’s of Knowledge number their knowledge areas, chapters, and topics. Have you thought about doing this for SEBoK?

Yes, we have thought about it, but we want to prevent confusion for those users who jump into the wiki at any section and read the material in the order of topics that interest them the most.

What are the differences between the SE Handbook?

Right now the SEBoK is not designed to replace the handbook, but modeled after the SWEBoK. The SEBoK is pulled together to summarize key topics and point users to the detailed information. It is our understanding that an update to the SE Handbook is currently under development . The two are expected to reference back and forth to one another.

Does SEBoK contain DoD standards and other DoD related materials?

Yes. For any given topic you may find DoD references to literature, but DoD is NOT the focus of the BKCASE deliverables.