BKCASE Project

BKCASE (Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering)

Are you expecting INCOSE and IEEE (CS) to endorse any or all of the project?

We anticipate some type of stewardship from both organizations and possibly others. At this time planning and developing of an official endorsement process for these potential participants is underway.

What happens to the BKCASE deliverables after SEBoK and GRCSE v1.0 are released?

Once a stewardship agreement and its partners retain the rights to BKCASE both products are to be used in perpetuity for free.

How are reviews incorporated into the next iteration of SEBoK and GRCSE?

All comments provided during a review period in the wiki (for SEBoK) and by review form (for SEBoK and GRCSE) are grouped and distributed to the authors who are responsible for the particular topic or chapter. The authors responsible will consider these comments for the next iteration and adjudicate the comments provided to them. The team processes the author’s actions and creates a report that becomes available to the public when the next iteration is released.

Is there a list of authors?

Yes, you can find our list of over 65 contributing authors in several locations. For SEBoK you can find them on the “Acknowledgments” page in the wiki. For GRCSE you can find them in the “Acknowledgments” section of the document’s front matter material. A consolidated list of all authors and their affiliations is available on the Authors webpage of this site.