Michael Henshaw


Michael Henshaw

Loughborough University

Michael Henshaw is Professor of Systems Engineering; he is head of the Systems Division and leads the Engineering Systems of Systems (EsoS) Research Group. His research focuses on integration and management of complex socio-technical systems, with a particular emphasis on the challenges of through-life management of systems and capabilities.

The main research topics studied include modelling of Systems of Systems (SoS), Systems Lifecycles, Network Enabled Capability (NEC), management of knowledge for through-life management (TLM), cyber-security, pilot training, C2, and autonomous robotic systems. Within all these areas there is a strong emphasis on the challenges of interoperability between systems and the importance of including humans and organisations as part of the systems.

Professor Henshaw graduated in applied physics, and his early research focused on laser-plasma interactions, using computational fluid dynamics to investigate various phenomena in applications such as X-ray lasers. He joined British Aerospace (later BAE Systems) as an aerodynamicist and worked for seventeen years in aeronautical engineering tackling problems associated with unsteady aerodynamics (computational and experimental) and, later, multi-disciplinary integration. He was appointed to a chair in Systems Engineering at Loughborough in 2006 to direct the large (£4M) multi-university, multi-disciplinary programme sponsored by EPSRC and BAE Systems, NECTISE, that ran from Nov 2005 – April 2009. He has an international reputation for his work in systems of systems.