Judith Dahman

Judtih-Dahmann-swPrincipal senior Systems Engineer
MITRE Corporation

Dr. Judith Dahman is a principal senior systems engineer in the MITRE Corporation Systems Engineering Technical Center.

Dr. Dahmann currently supports the Office of the Director of Systems Engineering in the US DOD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.  In this capacity, she is part of a team working to develop approaches to the acquisition, development and systems engineering of integrated user capabilities with a focus on early systems engineering, advanced systems engineering applications and systems of systems, where she is the technical lead for the office.  She lead the development of the US DoD guide for systems engineering of systems of systems (SoS) and ongoing SoS engineering guidance, oversight and research.

Dr. Dahmann is the co-chair of the INCOSE SoS Working Group and the DoD liaison to the SoS Committee of the National Defense Industry Association,  and is an adjunct faculty member of the Johns Hopkins University in the Systems Engineering Program for Engineering Professionals. Prior to this, Dr. Dahmann was the Chief Scientist for the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office for the US Director of Defense Research and Engineering (1995-2000) where she led the development of the High Level Architecture, a general-purpose distributed software architecture for simulations, now an IEEE Standard (IEEE 1516).

Dr. Dahmann holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Chatham College in Pittsburgh, PA (1972), spent a year as a special student at Dartmouth College (1971-72), a Master’s Degree from The University of Chicago (1973), and a Doctorate from Johns Hopkins University (1984).