While Editors manage the content, set the vision, and oversee the quality of a specific piece of BKCASE, authors provide new materials or offer updates and improvements on existing materials.

The general process for an author to engage in the BKCASE process is:

  • Contact the Editor relevant to your areas of interest and coordinate with him/her to determine the way ahead
  • Provide an author release
  • Work on specific article of the SEBoK or sections of GRCSE. A few things to keep in mind:
    • o   Follow the philosophy of SEBoK (inclusion of multiple ideas/methods as appropriate, good referencing)
    • Follow the BKCASE Style Guide
    • Review glossary terms relevant to your materials
    • Ensure we have primary reference information
    • Provide adequate information on figures and tables (permission to use if they are original for BKCASE or provide all information required to obtain permission if they are copyright owned)
  • Follow the guidance of the Associate Editor responsible for the portion of the SEBoK or GRCSE where materials will be incorporated
  • Accept that all materials submitted will be edited before inclusion

For more information or to learn which Editor is responsible for your area of interest, contact us at