Editorial Board

Editor in Chief


Richard D. Adcock, Cranfield University (UK)


Rick is a Senior Lecturer in Systems Engineering at Cranfield Defence and Security. He is currently INCOSE Associate Director for Education

Editor in Chief of the BKCASE project, responsible for appointment of editors and overall quality of BKCASE products





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The BKCASE editorial board is made up of editors appointed for their expertise in Systems Engineering and their experience in authoring and editing technical publications.

The current editors are listed below against the BKCASE product for which they have the primary responsibility.  If you have questions or comments about aspects of the BCKASE project the assigned editor should be your first port of call.

Editors are organized into teams which work together with selected authors and reviewers and the SE community to ensure sustainment and evolution of the BKCASE products.  Editorial teams are organized around the 7 SEBoK Parts, as shown below.  Senior editors have been identified for some part teams to provide leadership and coordination within the team if needed.

In addition, a small number of cross cutting teams provide additional focus on topics relevant to BKCASE. The current cross cutting editorial teams are:

  • GRCSE team, are responsible for the current GRCSE product and for developing plans for future updates.
  • Integration team, are responsible for review of the SEBoK to identify any cross cutting integration issues and help the relevant part teams to resolve them.
  • Model Base SE team, are responsible for reviewing the ways in which the use of models in the practice of SE, in particular recent work on Model Based SE (MBSE), are covered across the SEBoK. They will recommend and help implement a strategy to ensure this important aspect of SE knowledge is fully covered by the SEBoK.

Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE)

David H. Olwell, Naval Postgraduate School (USA)

Dr. Olwell is Professor and immediate past chair of the Department of Systems Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School.  He is the elected Chair of the NPS Faculty.  He is a Fellow of the American Council on Education, a WASC evaluator, an ABET program evaluator, and a member of the Engineering Accreditation Commission.Senior Editor for the Graduate Reference Curriculum for Systems Engineering (GRCSE).

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Timothy Ferris, University of South Australia (Australia), timothy.ferris@unisa.edu.au

Member of GRCSE team


SEBoK Part 1 SEBoK Introduction

Ariela Sofer, George Mason University (USA), asofer@gmu.edu

Responsible for Part 1
Member of  Integration team

SEBoK Part 2: Systems

Janet Singer

Senior Editor Part 2
Responsible for Systems Fundamental knowledge area (KA)
Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science & Technology (USA), dagli@mst.edu

Dr. Dagli is a Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering, and Affiliated Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Responsible for Systems Approach KA
Member of  Integration team

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Dov Dori, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and Technion Israel Institute of Technology (Israel) dori@mit.edu

Responsible for Representing Systems with Models KA
Member of Model Based SE Team

Duane Hybertson, MITRE (USA)

Responsible for Systems Thinking KA

Mike Yearworth, University of Bristol (UK)

Responsible for Systems Science KA

SEBoK Part 3: Systems Engineering and Management

Garry Roedler, Lockheed Martin (USA), garry.j.roedler@lmco.com

Senior Editor Part 3 Responsible for the Concept Definition and System Definition KA
Barry Boehm, University of Southern California (USA), boehm@usc.edu

Responsible for Life Cycle Models KA
Kevin Forsberg, OGR Systems

(TBC)Responsible for Life Cycle Models KA
Gregory Parnell, University of Arkansas, (USA), gparnell@uark.edu

Responsible for Systems Engineering Management KA
Member of  Model Base SE team
TBC System Deployment and Use
TBC Product and Service Lifecycle Management KA
Ricardo Valerdi, University of Arizona (USA), rvalerdi@email.arizona.edu

Responsible for the System Realization KA
Ken Zemrowski, TASC (USA), kenneth.zemrowski@incose.org

Ken Zemrowski is a TASC Technical Fellow and Chief Engineer for an Federal Aviation Administration systems engineering contract. Ken has supported the FAA since 1990, supporting systems engineering, communications engineering, and program planning. Ken serves as the INCOSE assistant director for standards initiatives.Responsible for Systems Engineering Standards KA.Member of  Integration team

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Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering

Judith Dahmann, MITRE Corporation (USA), jdahmann@mitre.org

Dr. Dahmann is a principal senior systems engineer in the MITRE Corporation Systems Engineering Technical CenterSenior Editor Part 4.
Responsible for Systems of Systems (SoS) KA.
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 Michael Henshaw, Loughborough University (UK),M.J.d.Henshaw@lboro.ac.uk

Dr. Henshaw is Professor of Systems Engineering; he is head of the Systems Division and leads the Engineering Systems of Systems (EsoS) Research Group.Responsible for Product Systems EngineeringEnterprise Systems Engineering, and Systems of Systems (SoS) in Part 4: Applications of Systems Engineering with Judith Dahmann.

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James Martin, The Aerospace Corporationjames.martin@incose.org

Responsible for the Enterprise Systems Engineering KA.

Part 5: Enabling Systems Engineering

Tim Ferris, Cranfield University (UK)


Emma Sparks, Cranfield University (UK)
Dr. Emma Sparks is the Head of the Centre for Systems Engineering at Cranfield Defence and Security, Shrivenham. Emma is a Systems Engineer specialising in human systems, systems thinking, enterprise architecture and Human Factors Integration.

Responsible for the Enabling Individuals KA
Member of  Integration team

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Rick HefnerCalifornia Institute of Technology (USA)

Rick Hefner, PhD, is a Program Director for Technology and Management Education at CalTech.He specializes in systems development and maintenance; project management; Lean Six Sigma; process improvement, technology transfer; and risk management.

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Bernardo Delicado, MBDA /INCOSE (Spain)

Bernardo Delicado has been a professional systems engineer for 25 years in the aerospace sector.

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Part 6 Related Disciplines

Alice Squires, Washington State University (USA), alice.squires@wsu.edu
Responsible for SE and Project Management. SE and Engineering Management.
Senior Editor Integration

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Paul Phister, MANIAC Consulting (USA)

Dr. Phister spent 25 years in the military (Lt Col, retired) where he worked primarily in space systems development and operations. Dr. Phister is an internationally recognized subject matter expert in information technologies, Command and Control (C2), net-centric and space operations

Responsible for SE and Software Engineering

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TBC Responsible for Specialist Disciplines

Part 7: Systems Engineering Implementation Examples

Dick Fairley, Software & Systems Engineering Associates

Over the life of the SEBoK Dr. Fairley made significant contributions to the SE and Specialty Engineering, SE and Project Management, and SE and Software Engineering knowledge areas within the Related Disciplines section; the Enabling Teams knowledge area within the Enabling Systems Engineering section; and edited several glossary terms and primary references found in the SEBoK related to these topics.