BKCASE History


Enjoy a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of the BKCASE effort from a handful of the original BKCASE collaborators interviewed in this video. These former BKCASE Authors and current Editors provide a bona fide account of their BKCASE experience and the value BKCASE delivers to the systems engineering community worldwide.

The BKCASE story is also available as a PowerPoint file with instructor notes. To access the file click here.

During the Fall of 2009,  the BKCASE project began its journey with support from the Department of Defense and leadership from the Stevens Institute of Technology and the Naval Postgraduate School. The vision of BKCASE was that Systems Engineering competency models, certification programs, textbooks, graduate programs, and related workforce development initiatives from around the world would align with BKCASE.

With this vision in mind the quest began to create a Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and Graduate Reference Curriculum (GRCSE), each one globally recognized by the systems engineering community, with the Body of Knowledge assuming the role as the authoritative body of knowledge for the systems engineering discipline and the reference curriculum serving as a guidance for systems engineering graduate programs.

Major Milestones

SEBoK v. 0.25 September 2010
GRCSE v. 0.25 December 2010
SEBoK v. 0.50 September 2011
GRCSE v. 0.50 December 2011
SEBoK v. 0.75 March 2012
SEBoK v. 1.0 September 2012
SEBoK v. 1.0.1 November 2012
GRCSE v. 1.0 December 2012
SEBoK v. 1.1 April 2013
SEBoK v. 1.1.1 June 2013
SEBoK v. 1.1.2 August 2013
SEBoK v. 1.2 November 2013
SEBoK v. 1.3 May 2014